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Physics Lab

Physics is an incredible science that deals with everything from the amazingly small subatomic particles is the unbelievably large universe. Physics lab comprises of a wide range of equipment from the common like magnets, pulleys, pendulums, inclines planes, heat lamps, beakers, lenses, glasses, tuning focks, item scales etc. to Sophisticated like spectroscopes, microscopes, electromagnets, voltameter, potentiometer etc.

Chemistry Lab

A chemistry lab assists the students in organising, carrying out and documenting various lab experiments. Our chemistry lab is well equipped with a wide range of lab equipments.

Biology Lab

Biology is a natural science concerned with the study of life in all parameters. It is related with the study of life and living organisms including their structure, function, growth, origin & evolution. The Biology lab is also well equipped.

Computer Lab

HPS conforms to techno-savvy learning. State of the Art IT centre coupled with learning Resources facilitates the familiarization process of the students to the word of computers. The computer lab is equipped with 35 computers with the facility of invidual access to the computer to every student.