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School Management Committee Information

School Management Committee Information


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Ms.Anuradha Yadav




Mrs. Shashi Kindra

Society Nominee



Dr. Mahinder Singh




Ms. Anshu Yadav




Ms. Divya Saboo

Teacher Representative



Mr. S.B Singh

Teacher Representative



Mr. Rajender Kumar 

Parent Representative



Mr. Rajnish

Parent Representative



Ms. Nirmal Yadav




Ms. Sushila Dalal





At the outset, the Secretary, Ms. Anshu Yadav welcomed Chairperson and all the members of the Committee. She proceeded with the Annual Report, highlighting the achievements of the students. She briefly discussed the changes that have occurred during the period between the last meeting and till date. She further highlights the addition of the new academic block and how the same has aided in facilitating students with new-age facilities.

Moving ahead, as per the circulated agenda, the following strategic points were discussed at length:

  1. Taking into account, the Gazette Notification, issued by the Government of Haryana on December 08, 2021, all members of the committee were of the view to duly comply the same in its true letter and spirit. Accordingly, it was proposed that the annual fee may be divided amongst monthly/quarterly fee to ease the burden upon the parents.
  2. In consonance to the GazetteNotification and understanding plight of parents in light of the stress caused by the pandemic, it was decided that there shall be no increase in the Tution fees for the academic session 2022-23. All the members agreed in principle and found the proposal justified. As the parent members too were of the same opinion, the proposal was unanimously accepted.
  3. It was discussed that under the prevailing conditions there must not be any change or very less change incorporating with the NEP in academic books in the next five years. All the members appreciated this proposal and were deemed absolutely necessary and unanimously approved. Moreover, though the same shall increase a burden upon the school, the management decided not to levy any extra charges/ increase the transport fees as well.
  4. The parent representatives suggested introduction of new scholarship schemes for the upcoming academic session. Recommendations were made to increase the number of scholarships to motivate the students and develop a competitive spirit in them. They also suggested increasing minimum 95% range to 97.5% as proposed in the scholarship criteria. The Chairperson Mrs. Anuradha Yadav along with the School Principal Ms. Anshu Yadav, Secretary,explained the parameters for the scholarship criteria and its consequences, however, it was agreed and accepted unanimously.
  5. To meet the needs and to implement holistic development of students, sports scholarships were also discussed and appreciated by all the members. It was decided to start with the Scholarship for Students who clear the National level in any of the sports.
  6. Different ideas were put forward by the members as far as allocation of Budget. It was discussed that under the prevailing conditions the school needs to equip itself with all IT amenities for dissemination of curriculum, assessment and teachers/administrators training, thus keeping the needs of staff members and students in mind. This was deemed absolutely necessary and unanimously approved.
  7. Staff Salary increment was considered as the internal matter of the organization by the members, and it was expected that the school management will definitely address it as per the needs of the organization.
  8. Anshu Yadav, the School Principal also brought to the notice the introduction of NCC and skill courses for all students. It further was emphasised that in order to create awareness and continuous sensitization among the students, it is essential to organize sensitization programmes/workshops for all students at regular intervals.

Reviewing the comments and discussions held, Ms. Anuradha Yadav, Chairperson, expressed her delight over the unanimous decision of all the members. She appreciated the efforts of the school Principal and teachers, in keeping the teaching learning environment conducive, in spite of the pandemic, for the growth and development of the children.

There being no other points, the meeting ended with a vote of thanks to the chair by the Secretary.