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School Safety Policy

School Safety Policy


The following measures have been adopted in our institution for the safety of our children

Police Verification 

The school makes it sure that all the employees recruited in the school have undergo the process of police Verification.

CCTV Surveillance 

Entire school campus is under CCTV camera surveillance that enables to keep a check on the day to day activities of the school.

Visitors Movement 

Entry/ Exit of all persons in the school is logged clearly with their in and out times specified , so that at any point , there is a clear record of both insiders and outsiders present on the premises. No unidentified person is allowed to enter the school premises under any circumstances. It is mandatory for the parents to carry parents card as they enter the school premises.

Fire Safety System 

Fire Safety system has been installed in the school as a safety measure. Time to time mock drills are also orgainsed in the school campus so that everyone is aware about the course of action to be taken in case of any emergency.

Identity Proof 

All the teaching and non-teaching staff are issued identity cards which they have to wear as soon as they enter the school campus.

Safety Committee 

A safety committee is formed that comprises a group of teachers including Mr. Sajjan, Mr. Pawan, Ms. Meena, Mr. Jagjeet and Ms. Harsha in the school. Safety committee is entrusted with the task of prevention, Reporting and Handling of child abuse, Sexual harassment issues and other safety related accidents during the time children are in the school premises.

  • Biometric Attendance System 

    Attendance of all staff members as well as students is electronically by biometric machine.

    SMS Facility 

    SMS is sent to the Parents on the arrival of the students in school and the same will be followed during the dispersal time.


    We have a special provision of washrooms for teaching and non teaching staff. Students including boys and girls are also provided with separate washrooms.

    Safety Measure 

    As a safety measure all the vacant rooms are locked in the school premises the topmost roof door is also locked for optimum safety.

    Manual Labour Movement 

    All maintenance work is done in the school either after the school working hours or on holidays. In case of any emergency such work is done under supervision.

    Safe Transport 

    All the buses are equipped with speed governors GPS system and CCTV’s for keeping a check on the movement of buses. Each bus has a fire extinguisher, First aid box to ensure safety and security of children.

    Transport Supervision 

    Transport incharge Mr. Jagjeet manages and checks all issues related to transport. He also ensures safe boarding and deboarding of bus by the students within or outside the school premises. The transport staff is not allowed to enter the school building.

    Visitor Timing 

    Visitors are subjected to entry in the school premises after 2 p.m. on all working days.

    CCTV Surveillance 

    The school is under CCTV Surveillance 24X7 to keep a record of the day to day activities in the school.


    Regular counselling and interactive sessions are organised in the school premises for parents and students thereby creating awareness among the children about Good Touch and Bad Touch through PPT’s and videos on regular basis.

    House Keeping Staff 

    Only Female House Keeping staff is recruited at the primary level to assist children in day to day chores.

    Medical Assistance 

    Medical assistance is provided to students. In case of any as such need. Ms. Sweety is entrusted with task of looking into to task of providing medical help to any child. A well equipped medical room helps in facilitating medical help to the students.